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Data Sci 101 emerged from a decade-plus long pursuit dedicated to helping others unravel the complex world of marketing, data science and machine learning. 

When I began my journey into data science, I felt completely lost. Whenever I looked for support or guidance I was bombarded by a zillion resources to read, sign up for, or worse, being told I wasn’t technical or smart enough to grasp the subject. 

It was a disheartening experience I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

Data Sci 101’s mission is to dismantle these barriers and provide the support newcomers need to enter the field of data science.

We’ve learned everything about data science, so you don’t have to!

Whether you’re drawn to data science, machine learning, or AI, we’re here for you. We not only provide the informational basics but also the tools and support you need to excel in your chosen field. 


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What are LLMs (Large Language Models)?

Learn the fundamentals of LLMs, like ChatGPT, that are quickly changing the AI landscape as we know it.

AI Experts to Know About + Follow

Discover the pioneers shaping the future of AI with our thoughtfully curated (and ever-evolving) list of the top Experts you need to know about.

22 Data Science + ML Books

Unlock the world of machine learning with the best ML books to demystify and delve deep into this powerful field. Some are worth their weight in gold.

100 Data Science Quotes

Enjoy these curated quotes that diverge from the usual and offer a fresh perspective on data science and its incredible impact on our modern world.


A Brief History of NLG [Timeline]


Learn how Natural Language Generation evolved in the 60s to impacting us today.


Map of Data Science

Better navigate through the world of data science by recognizing these landmarks on your data science journey. 


Pandas Cheatsheet

Download & print this pandas cheatsheet to support your data cleansing + wrangling skills.


AI Fails



In case you need any examples of scary AI use cases:




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