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Prompt Engineering For Beginners

In April 2024, I hosted a free course on Maven for 750 people on Prompt Engineering for Beginners.

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Warning: Do not ever include confidential or private information within a prompt. LLMs use Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) to improve and this can cause some of your private LLM inputs to leak out of the LLM in the future.

If You Liked Prompt Engineering For Beginners, Check Out Fundamentals of GenAI:

10 Days of Immersive Generative AI: May 20th – May 30th ($500) [Live 90 min Classes each Tue & Thur]

Informative + ENtertaining

What To Expect: Fundamentals Of GenAI Course

This course is designed to equip you with the skills to ideate, challenge, test, and create AI-driven strategies that drive real business results.

Develop cutting-edge knowledge and rich GenAI understanding to advance your work and career.

—Previous students have gone on to build internal chatbots, RAG models, and on-premise task-specific solutions with significant business impact.

Hands-On Projects

Gain access and familiarity with cutting-edge AI tools to help you test and deploy popular open-source AI models.

Identify AI Use Cases For Your Tasks

Learn how GenAI is built, how it works and what it’s inherently good vs. bad at to better identify valuable use cases.

Ethical AI

Develop a deep understanding of GenAI bias to help navigate and avoid unethical applications.

Have Fun!

Buckle up for some hilarious real world AI examples, interactivity and laughts, because learning SHOULD be fun!

Many Companies Offer Employee Education Benefits:

Here's an Email Template you can use to see if your employer will cover the course:

Hey {Manager},

With AI’s rapid explosion throughout our industry, understanding AI fundamentals + where we could be using it, will keep us ahead of our competition. There’s a course called Fundamentals of Generative AI that I’d love to enroll in. It’s a live, online course run on Maven (edu platform trusted by professionals from Meta, Google, NASA., etc.).

GenAI Course Highlights:


  • Learn what problems/tasks is good at vs. bad at
  • Hands-on GenAI working sessions to test AI tasks & solutions
  • Background on AI ethics & data governance to avoid unintended consequences of AI
  • Direct access to Britney Muller, the AI Instructor/Expert teaching the course

The course costs $750 USD and details can be found here:

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Fundamentals of GenAI Course Testimonials

Daisy-ree Quaker

Sr. Marketing Manager at Amazon

Game-changer for me and the team.

The way the course demystified AI and broke down complex concepts into digestible, understandable pieces was exceptional. I was particularly impressed with the hands-on projects that allowed me to apply what I learned in real world scenarios.

CJ Washington

Senior Marketing Manager at Amazon

Wow, this course was eye opening! 

Tried learning about GenAI on my own, but the dots didn’t fully connect until this course. As a Marketer, Britney not only helped me understand how to tactically leverage LLMs but how to strategically think about core GenAI concepts and applications. The content was very accessible regardless of prior knowledge.

Amanda Natividad

VP of Marketing at SparkToro

Britney is a career marketer and machine-learning expert.

She understands generative AI and its implications deeply, and she has professional and life experience to distill all this knowledge into meaningful, practical advice. She is the only person I want to teach me about generative AI.

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Send any and all Course questions + requests to britneymuller [at] gmail [dot] com

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