Chapter 1

Introduction to LLMs

Discover the origin of LLMs, gain insight into the acronym’s meaning, and explore ChatGPT as an exemplar of these remarkable language models, all while grounding your understanding in the fundamentals of artificial intelligence.


Unravel LLMs strengths, limitations and establish a solid foundation to grasp their significance in modern times.


10 mins


3 Quizzes

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Chapter Topics

What You Will Learn

What are LLMs?

LLMs are not search engines nor are they deterministic. LLMs generate randomized outputs based on a probability distribution

LLM Guide Summary

Everyone knows what a summary is, felt like I needed to write something here anyhow. Thank you for checking out the site.

Unpacking LLM: Acronym & History

Understand what Large-Language-Model represents and the technology it stands on top of.

Foundations of AI

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LLM Capabilities & Limitations

Lots of misunderstandings around what LLMs can and cannot do well. Arm yourself with foundational information to know the difference.

Key Takeaways

The most important highlights of the entire LLM Guide.

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